The Tempest | Public Works

Dallas Theatre Center  |  Wyly Theatre  |  Dallas, TX   2017.
Written by  William Shakespeare     Book, Music & Lyrics by  Todd Almond      Director  Kevin Moriarty     Choreographer  Ann Yee
Scenery  Russell Parkman     Clothes   Jennifer Ables       Lighting   Alan C. Edwards     Sound   Brian McDonald

Photos by Karen Almond  & Alan C. Edwards. All rights reserved.

About Public Works

In New York:

In its inaugural year, PUBLIC WORKS created an extraordinary example of participatory theater with this free, original musical adaptation of THE TEMPEST, directed by LEAR DEBESSONET. The piece was inspired by a 1916 community theatrical event of Caliban by the Yellow Sands at the stadium at City College in New York. 

In Dallas:
Five Dallas community organizations are participated in Public Works Dallas, including Jubilee Park and Community Center, Literacy Achieves (LA), Literacy Instruction for Texas (LIFT), Bachman Lake Together and City of Dallas Park and Recreation. All will participated in workshops throughout the year culminating in auditions for roles in the this new musical adaptation of THE TEMPEST.

This production featured 200 cast members, only five of whom were professional actors. The remaining actors were residents of Dallas, 100 selected from the five community organizations and 95 from select community cameo groups.