The Royale

Cleveland Play House  |  Outcalt Theatre  |  Cleveland, OH   2018.
Written by  Marco Ramirez     Director  Robert Barry Fleming
Scenery  Jason Ardizzone-West     Clothes   Toni-Leslie James      Lighting   Alan C. Edwards      Sound   Jane Shaw

with Preston Butler III (Jay), Brian D. Coats (Wynton), Leo Marks (Max), Johnny Ramey (Fish) & Nikkole Salter (Nina).

It’s 1910, and Negro Heavyweight Champion Jay “The Sport” Jackson is determined to prove he is equal to his white counterpart—in the ring and in life. Challenging his rival to “The Fight of the Century,” Jay knows that even if he wins the bout, the battle for acceptance won’t end. Inspired by the groundbreaking sports legend Jack Johnson.

Photos by Jason Ardizzone-West & Alan C. Edwards. All rights reserved.