Lights Out: Nat King Cole

A New Musical

The Geffen Playhouse  |  Los Angeles, CA   2019.
Written by  Colman Domingo & Patricia McGregor    Director  Patricia McGregor
Choreo.  Edgar Godineaux      Tap Choreo.  Jared Grimes      Music Direction & Supervision  John McDaniel
Scenery  Ryan Howell & Clint Ramos     Clothes   Katherine O’Neill          Lighting   Alan C. Edwards      Sound   Alex Hawthorn
with Gisela Adisa, Connor Amacio Matthews, Bryan Dobson, Mary-Pat Green, Dulé Hill, Ruby Lewis, Zonya Love, Brandon Ruiter & Daniel J. Watts.

Photos by Jeff Lorch. Additional photos by Alan C. Edwards. All rights reserved.

About Lights Out

In this electrifying exploration into the soul of an American icon, Tony and Olivier Award nominee Colman Domingo and Patricia McGregor imagine Nat “King” Cole as he faces the final Christmastime broadcast of his groundbreaking variety show and weighs the advice of his friend Sammy Davis Jr. to “go out with a bang.” Lights Out made it’s world premier in 2017 at People’s Light in Malvern, PA.

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