Bluebird Memories

The Minetta Lane Theatre, Produced by Audible   |  New York, NY   2020.
Created & Written by  Common, NSangou Njikam, and Awoye Timpo

Directed by  Awoye Timpo     Assoc. Director  Justin Emeka
Set   Jason Ardizzone-West     Lighting   Alan C. Edwards
Asst. Lighting   Mary-Ellen Stebbins      Moving Light Programmer   Jake Roberts

featuring Common 

Photos by Alan C. Edwards. All rights reserved.

Audio recording available on Audible

For three nights, Grammy, Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winning artist Common combined the personal and poetic, with the literary and the lyrical to spin a new, music and storytelling experience in this Audible original production. As a young artist, introduced to the work of literary icons from James Baldwin and Gwendolyn Brooks to Rakim and Melle Mel, Common would grow to use their works as motivation and a high-water mark for what would become his life in words.